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Mrs. Fuller's Art Class

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! I'm Mrs. Fuller and I teach art here at HHS! This class will focus on the creative exploration of the visual arts (drawing, painting, fiber arts, printmaking, book arts, art history, etc). I can't wait to meet you! It's gonna be a great year!


Art I: Semester I will focus mainly on foundational skills: art history, drawing, color theory, media exploration, and of course lots and lots of creative thinking. Semester II will be more project oriented using foundational skills learned during the 1st Semester.


Note: a medium is the material(s) that an artist uses to create their art. The plural form is media. For example: paint (oil, watercolor, acrylic, tempera, etc), charcoal, clay, fiber, collage, chalk/oil pastel, etc.  

Art Supplies
  • Sketchbooks: students will be given a sketchbook at the beginning of the year. Keeping a sketchbook/visual journal is vital to the creative process.
    • Sketching, project planning–known as Rough Drafts, creative ideas, handouts and project instructions, are some examples of what will be kept inside. 
    • Sketchbooks will be graded on a regular basis.
  • Supplies are provided; however, if students want to bring resources from home such as specialty pens, markers, paper, etc they may do so with permission.
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Other Classroom Expectations
  • Bottle water only
  • Discipline will be according to the Student Code of Conduct

  • Cell phones/earbuds should be completely out of site (rarely will they be used for an assignment if at all). First Offense: verbal warning; Second offense phone will be taken up and sent to the office.

On a final note: as a student in my class you do not have to be artistic or even know anything about art to be successful. Your willingness to try is what matters most. ALSO, being respectful and kind to others in my class will go a long, long way. Basically, treat others, yourself, and your teacher as you would want to be treated. It's gonna be a great year! 

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Joy Fuller
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I am a certified teacher with a Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA), a Masters (MAAE) in Art Education and an Online Instructor's Certification. I LOVE teaching art and have taught both college and secondary levels (6th-12th grades) since 2003. 


One thing you might not know about me is that I was 40 years old when I started going to college. Although it took me NINE years I am so glad I did it!


My husband David and I have have been married 40+ years and together we have two daughters, 8 grandchildren (they call me Nana), and a yellow cat named Tanner. We love to travel around the United States; especially the mountains!


As an artist I enjoy painting, photography, mixed media, book arts (making books), printmaking, calligraphy, interior decorating, gardening, sewing, cooking, reading, and traveling. And...I love the mountains, the beach, spaghetti, tacos, and Gumbo!