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Mrs Garner's Chemistry Classes

Welcome to the wonderful and fun world of Chemistry!  
Chemistry is the study of matter and the behavior of matter ---- we just take it down to learning the tiniest particle of matter -- the atom.  I find chemistry to be one of the most fascinating areas of science.  This class will be challenging, rigorous, and fun.  
This website is structured to help you and your parents to grasp each concept as it is covered.  As we go through the year, you will find videos of the lessons we covered in class and extra worksheets and reference material you may need.  Use it as a review and study tool.  My goal is for you to leave here with a solid chemistry background and ready for the college classroom or working world.  Your foundation will also help you to be an aware and informed consumer.  Chemistry is a part of our everyday lives!
Please explore this site freely and often as information is constantly added.  
Happy Learning!